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Transportes Internacionales

<p>Our experience and alliances with the best logistics operators constitute the best guarantee for coordinating multimodal transportation.</p> <p>We have complementary solutions for the overall management of cargo from and to the main ports and airports of the world.</p> <p>We are a 100% Colombian company, present in more than 200 ports and airports worldwide, dedicated to freight forwarding activities.</p>

About Transborder

We are a 100% Colombian company, founded in 1.993 and entrusted to the freight forwarding for international transportation , import, export and multimodal transportation, with complementary solutions for the management, development and overall coordination of cargo from and towards more than 200 ports and airports worldwide.

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There are more opportunities in the Caribbean Sea ports

With Works in the Magdalena rver and “Ruta del sol”, the Caibbean will be closer to the center or the country. Opportunities for new ports in the Caribbean Colombian continue to grow, not only sea but inland, specifically in the course of the Magdalena river. So you see Jaime Sasso,general manager in Santa Marta International [...]


India, Colombia’s second largest trading partner

    2014 began with a shift in the basket of Colombian partners. India now ranks second , EE . UU . lost share , and Europe outweighs all of South America and Mexico together. At least it is clear from the figures revealed yesterday the Dane , according to which there was a fall [...]

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We are a company committed with service quality; we have a highly trained and experienced professional team, focused on the design and development of tailor made logistic solutions.