Transborder S.A.S.

Transportes Internacionales

<p>Our experience and alliances with the best logistics operators constitute the best guarantee for coordinating multimodal transportation.</p>
<p>We have complementary solutions for the overall management of cargo from and to the main ports and airports of the world.</p>
<p>We are a 100% Colombian company, present in more than 200 ports and airports worldwide, dedicated to freight forwarding activities.</p>

About Transborder

We are a 100% Colombian company, founded in 1.993 and entrusted to the freight forwarding for international transportation , import, export and multimodal transportation, with complementary solutions for the management, development and overall coordination of cargo from and towards more than 200 ports and airports worldwide.

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Juan González Uribe

Medellín Juan González Uribe es un artista plástico y pintor independiente. Su obra actual explora la individualidad del ser humano desde una temática figurativa. En el año 2001 viaja a Barcelona (España) donde toma cursos de dibujo, pintura, retrato y grabado. Además estudia otras disciplinas que le aportan una visión más global de las artes […]

December exports fell 32.5% in 2015 and around 34.9%

This result, according to DANE, was due to the reduction of 47.1 percent in foreign sales of fuel products group and extractive industries; 11 percent in the group of articles; 31 percent in the group other sectors, and 5.6 percent in the group of agricultural products, food and beverages. In December last year, exports of […]

Average Price of the dollar rebounded to the 3.251 pesos

Again the dollar suffered the rigors of the slump in the international price of a barrel of oil continues to fall. While crude oil in the international market reached levels of $ 34, in Colombia the dollar showed a strong upward trend which led him to be negotiated up to 3,265 pesos. However, the average […]

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We are a company committed with service quality; we have a highly trained and experienced professional team, focused on the design and development of tailor made logistic solutions.