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We all care !: Colombia continues in diapers in foreign trade

July 18 of 2019


The national economy is lagging behind in its globalization process, it has been exporting the same raw materials for more than 40 years and despite the FTAs, selling abroad is still expensive and delayed.
In 1951, Colombia was responsible for 0.77% of the planet's exports and 7.5% of those of Latin America, today it is responsible for 0.19% and 3.5%, respectively. Plata says that these figures do not indicate that the country has not advanced in its process of insertion into global trade, but that the other countries have done so faster and more efficiently

The lag is also evident in the country's opening coefficient (which measures the percentage of its foreign trade activities on GDP), where Colombia ranks 126th out of 128 nations, which is very little for the size of the national economy . To this is added that while on average in the Ocde countries 12 hours are required to export, in Colombia it is 112 hours. Likewise, the average cost of exporting in the ‘called club of rich countries’, which Colombia recently entered, is US $ 150, in Latin America it is US $ 527 and here it is US $ 545.


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