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Singing Dream

sueña cantandoIntroducing the new art collective initiative, which involves children and adolescents who are part of the parish eaters “Pan de Vida Cer” and their families (older brothers who are not part of the dining rooms), with In order to support the musical talents (vocal performers & singers), and thus make a social contribution that may change the terms of entertainment talent strengthen the proper development of those who are vulnerable.

In this project we have the support of the parish, PVC asosociation and AMECO (Association of Community Mothers), ALBAN and CHIMBE eaters.

Those selected will receive completely free, 4 classes / tutorials with artists Toño Restrepo, Chris Mosquera and other volunteers who are open to giving their support.

Toño Restrepo composed a song will become the anthem of the project and the finalists will participate in this creation, to be performed and recorded with renowned artists such as Mauricio Palo de Agua, Maia and Chris Mosquera among others. In addition, there will be a presentation on the premises of Transborder to raise funds and to expand this project at 5 parish dining remaining.

You can link you to this project, your help will be very important. For more information, you can write to our email: