Social Responsability

Social Responsability

Our corporate social responsibility project is based on selfless service to others and innovative experiences of corporate volunteering.

It seeks to generate value and impact both for social organizations and communities in situations of vulnerability for which they work, as well as for our collaborators through the joint creation of community and / or productive projects for social welfare that we support through strategies that prioritize empowerment, sustainability and partnership work.

On the other hand, it develops a culture of well-being and happiness at work: inspired collaborators, committed to society, its surroundings, with a greater purpose generating a greater sense and satisfaction for their work.

Social Responsability
  • 650 beneficiaries in Bogotá, Barranquilla, Medellín and Cali
  • 1943 volunteer hours between 2018 and 2019
  • 54% of our collaborators participated between 2018 and 2019 of the volunteer program
  • 1 ongoing productive project of Barranquilla for female empowerment with 30 mothers from Barrio La Bendición de Dios together with the Amor Fiel Foundation
  • 1 productive project in progress in Cali with 30 young people disconnected from the armed conflict from all over the country together with the Claret Homes Foundation
  • 1 productive project in progress in Medellín with women in vulnerable situations infected by the VHI with the Amor Fiel Foundation
  • 1 community project completed in Bogotá with young people from Barrio la Esperanza with the support of the Pan de Vida CER Association
  • 1 female empowerment and empowerment project completed in Bogotá aimed at 22 community mothers carried out together with the Pan de Vida CER Association
  • 5 linked volunteer artists
  • More than 30 works of art sold made with the community.


Art has been a means to empower young people at risk of the community of Hope located on the slopes of Las Moyas, one of the most important moors in Bogotá. Through working with artists, hundreds of Transborder volunteers and the work of professionals in the human sciences, we have managed to increase the self-esteem of young people and mothers in the community and give them tools to face risks such as drug use and pregnancy at an early age.

"Art is the celebration of respect for life"

Richard Artschwager

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